Increase your drafting speed by nearly 50%.

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Do you use AutoCAD or Revit? Then you’re in the right place!

RapidPad™ has proven to optimize productivity by nearly 50%.

Customize your workflow
With RapidPad you can easily launch any AutoCAD command, or custom LISP routine. RapidPad also allows you to combine commands to speed up your workflow.
AutoCAD Integration
Installation is easy, and directly integrates with AutoCAD. Easily customize commands while you are still in AutoCAD.
AutoCAD and Revit commands ready to go
RapidPad is pre-populated with standard AutoCAD and Revit commands to help you easily get started. Select from an standard command, associate it with a two-number combination and you are good to go.

Easy to Use

Saves time. Easier to set up, take with you and use compared to 3rd party hardware.


Reduces keystrokes. Simplified 2-key command entry (no return or esc key)!


Configurable maps. Start with 20 RapidPad™ mappings to build your ideal shortcuts.

Joseph Zamarippa
"I must admit that I’m totally happy with RapidPad. It’s easy use, setup and configuration. You use your own lisp and command short-cuts. Support is phenomenal."

How To Get Started


Start your 30-day FREE Trial

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Download RapidPad
After installation RapidPad will prompt you start a trial.

Pick your FAVORITE keypad

You have the power to decide. Pick from hundreds of great keypads. Here are just a few examples.


CUSTOMIZE RapidPad™ for you

RapidPad allows you to customize two-digit combinations to any Revit command, AutoCAD command, custom LISP routine.


SHARE with teams in your firm

RapidPad is cloud-based which means you can easily share your setup with others in your team. Other licensed RapidPad users can stay up-to-date with office standards.

Ron Cantorna
"RapidPad is one great program that by far surpasses Launchpad, which I have used in the past. Easy to install and to set-up. Once you have it running it’s very easy to customize to your liking. Very responsive with no delay on the commands whatsoever. It will definitely increase your productivity on day to day basis. Technical support is top-notch."
Revenue Increase Plan

Best drafting setup

Expect more from AutoCAD

Using a numeric keypad to launch AutoCAD commands allows for consistentency during drafting. This increases productivity and efficiency.

Inexpensive, Flexible pricing

  • Cancel anytime
  • Manage multiple licenses easily
  • Share configuration between licensed users
$7.50 / month
paid yearly ($89.99)
$9.99 / month
paid monthly